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Our asset management team, which possess a wealth of experience in a wide range of disciplines, including macro and fundamental research, technical analyses, corporate finance, special situations investments, private equity, risk management, etc., has collectively managed in excess of USD2 billion of assets throughout their careers.

Our team comprises seasoned investment professionals and bankers who have the necessary skillsets to navigate the complex investment environment. Our team members:

  • have impeccable stock picking and deal sourcing capabilities with unrivalled access to truly unique investment opportunities (e.g. restructuring companies)
  • have excellent access to and established long-term relationships with
    • numerous listed companies
    • local regulators and certain PRC government officials
    • the investment community (both global and local investment banks/investment managers)
  • in addition to traditional fundamental research/evaluation methods, would also evaluate/invest in opportunities based on
    • their extensive due diligence, corporate finance and deal structuring expertise
    • cross-checking with industry experts, legal and financial professionals by leveraging on their extensive networks
    • their in-depth knowledge on the local regulations to facilitate deal structuring and to identify potential risks
    • their familiarity with the latest government policies and the regulatory framework
  • have extensive experience in risk management in various international asset management firms.

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